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Welcome to Soap Center!

The place to find out about handmade soapmaking as well as other bath and body products like melt & pour soap, bath salts, lotions and more!

Handmade soaps & bath products are becoming increasingly popular. They provide us with a way to make fun items at home as well as allow us to use a more natural product on our skin.

If you're new to making handmade toiletries, you may wish to check out the Instructions section to start out with. Our growing Recipe section has a wealth of information from soapmakers around the world. We encourage you to add your own recipe to our database (fil out the form on the Recipes page).

When you're ready to start making homemade products, you'll get a great start on the Suppliers page. Here you'll find a variety of suppliers on-line who carry the specialty products you need to make handmade products.

Also, check out the Resources section to find books, links and more about soap making.

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