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Some of the additives below apply to making cold process soap. However you'll find that their properties that are listed carry over into other soaps and toiletries. As you can see, many are missing - help me fill in the gaps by e-mailing me with more ingredients and their uses/properties. Any help you give will be appreciated! Special thanks to Gloria for helping me get this page started!

Aloe Vera Gel - Add up to 1/2 cup per 5 lb bath of soap.

Bentonite or Kaolin Clay - Added to warmed oils before lye/water at rate of 1 tsp - tbsp per pound of oils. Added to help hold scent, also helps avoid a drying soap. Kaolin clay is good for sensitive skin. Bentonite is good for oil skin.

Castor Oil - Add at about 1/2 to 1 ounce per pound of oils -- at trace or in base oils - helps hold scent and gives soap rich lather.

Cocoabutter -- Usage is personal preference - I use about 1 1/2 ounces per pound of soap. I split that in half and add half to the base oils and half at light trace. It adds wonderful moisturizing qualities to the soap, contributes to a much harder bar, and, if I use the natural with the cocoa scent, it add a slight chocolate scent to my soap.

Emu Oil -- Added at light trace no greater than 10% of total recipe. Adds wonderful moisturizing and healing qualities to the soap. Said to be very good for people with dermatitis, psoriasis etc.

Honey -- 1 tsp per pound of oils - Added warmed at light trace - adds fragrance and lather to soap.

Salt -- 1 tsp each per pound of oils. Salt adds hardness to the soap. Add in with lye water.

Shea Butter -- added at trace (usually). Add wonderful moisturizing and healing benefits to the soap. Also contributes to the "texture" -- making a very luxurious bar of soap. Small amount goes a long way...but recommended as a "superfat" oil or "premium" oil so usage is usually between 3-7% of total recipe.

Silk -- Added to the lye water. Recommended amount is .0125 of an ounce per pound of oils. It adds a wonderful "silky" feeling to the soap (I love it and now add it to all my soaps)

Sugar -- 1 tsp each per pound of oils. Sugar adds lather to the soap. Add in with lye water.

Stearic Acid - Used to "harden" soap - 1/8 of an ounce per pound of oils and it is added to the "hard" base oils.

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