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Cold Process Recipes
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Creamy Lavender Soap
 4 oz. olive oil
2.5 oz. coconut oil
1.5 oz. palm oil
1.12 oz. lye
2.5 oz. lavender infused water
1 oz. half-n-half
1/4 fl. oz. lavender essential oil
1/4 tsp. freesia fragrance oil

Add the half-n-half to the lye water after it has disolved. Make as normal. The lavender water should have the flowers removed before using. All ingredients are by weight unless otherwise noted.

Easy Crisco Soap
 3 lbs. Crisco (1 can)
6 oz. lye
12 oz. water

Melt/heat the Crisco in a enamel pan and place on stove to melt and heat.

Place cold water in a glass bowl and slowly add lye while stirring with a wooden. Stir until water is clear if you can.

When the Crisco and lye are warm to the touch, pour lye into Crisco while stirring. Keep stirring until you get trace.

Trace is when it thickens to the point where you can drop some of the mix back in to itself and it leaves a trail. At this point use any herbs, scent, or coloring and stir and pour mold(s). This recipe fits nicely in an 8x8 inch container, but other containers, such as pringles cans or specialty soap molds work just fine, too.

Put molds in a warm, insulated place, let set 24 hours and then cut. Place on to rack and let cure for 2-3 weeks.

Lard Soap II
 16 oz olive oil
16 oz lard
16 oz coconut oil
1.5 oz beeswax
4 oz cocoa or shea butter
7.4 oz lye
20 oz water
3 tsp. sea salt (optional)

Make as normal. The results: a hard bar with a nice, fluffy lather.

Lard Soap
 44 oz tallow
28 oz lard
30 oz olive oil
13.3 oz lye
38 oz water

Make as normal - mix at around 100.

Milky Oatmeal-Honey Soap
 4 oz. Milk
12-14 oz. Water
48 oz. Shortening
6 oz Lye
6 Tbsp Oatmeal (powdered)
3 T. Honey

Make as normal. Add oatmeal and honey at trace.

Shea Loves Me
© Rainbow Meadows, Inc.
 4.8 oz. olive oil
3.2 oz. shea butter (or mango butter)
4.8 oz. coconut oil
3.2 oz. palm oil
6 oz water
2.2 oz. lye
.7 oz. essential oil

Make as normal. The shea butter in this soap makes it very moisturizing.

Simple Olive Oil Soap
 16 oz. pure olive oil
2 oz. lye
6 oz. water

Heat oil to 150° and add the lye to the water slowly while stirring with a wooden spoon.Mix lye solution and oils when the oil is at 120-130° and the lye between 90-100°. Mix them together until it comes to a trace. Pour it into a mold and let set 72 hours before unmolding. You can add scents, colors, herbs, etc. at trace.

Small Recipe
 4 oz. coconut oil
8 oz. olive oil
4 oz. palm oil
6 oz. distilled water
2.25 oz. lye
.5 oz. essential oil or fragrance oil

Combine oils and lye 110-120° temperatures. Add fragrance at light traceand then pour into a mold at medium to heavy trace. Insulate and let it remain in the mold 18-24 hours. Unmold and cut into bars - let cure 2-3 weeks.

Camille's Garden Soap
© Camille Pratt of Wild Iris Botanicals
 24 oz. coconut oil
40 oz. olive oil
16 oz. palm oil
11.3 oz. lye
30 oz. water
2 oz. Spring Rain fragrance oil (or other refreshing scent)
1/2 cup cornmeal

Mixed lye solution and oils at 110°. Added fragrance oil at light trace, added cornmeal at heavy trace. Pour into mold, cover, and let set 24 hours. Unmold, cut into bars. Cure 4-6 weeks.

Sugared Plum Soap
© Trisha Walton at Homesong Handcrafted Soaps
(This recipe includes both of CP soap and M & P soap.)
 Your own Cold Pour soap recipe
Spicy Plum Fragrance Oil
Melt & Pour base
Purple Colorant/Dye

1. Make enough of your usual CP recipe to fill your mold halfway or more depending on the affect you want. Scent it with Spicy Plum fragrance oil and color it if you like. You can leave it white or make it fancier by swirling in some purple soap. Cover you mold and insulate as usual.

2. The next step is to fill the remainder of your mold with M & P base. Start melting the M & P base after step #1 has been completed. The amount of base you will melt depends on how much is needed to fill your mold. For example, if you usually make #10 pounds of CP soap in your mold, but you only filled in halfway for this recipe, then you will need to prepare #5 of M & P base now.

Melt your base, add purple colorants, and scent with Spicy Plum fragrance oil. Uncover your CP soap and pour your M & P right on top of it. Your CP soap should be reasonably firm to the touch before you do this. One or two hours between pours works for me. Cover and insulate your mold again.

OPTIONAL: You can give a fancier look by sprinkling the top of the M & P with something that suggests "sprinkled sugar". If you work quickly, before there is a "skin" on you M & P, you can sprinkle sugar on the top of your poured soap. You have a little more time if you add a thin sprinkling of silver mica. If your mica doesn't land evenly, it can be dusted across the surface with a feather then rubbed evenly across the surface the next day.

3. Uncover your mold 24 hours later and cut as usual. Your CP soap will be topped with a layer of transparent, purple M & P that will dress it up for a festive holiday look. Yes, your layers will be stuck together.

Three Cold Pour Recipe Variations

20 oz coconut oil
20 oz olive oil
30 oz Crisco
9.9 oz lye
27.2 oz water
20 oz coconut oil
18 oz olive oil
27 oz Crisco
3 oz palm kernel oil
2 oz beeswax
9.9 oz lye
24 oz water
2 oz beeswax
2 oz cocoa butter
20.4 oz coconut oil
14.4 oz palm oil
30 oz olive oil
9.7 oz lye
26 oz water

Each makes approximately a 4-4 1/3 lb. batch.

Country Meadow
© Terri Hiaumet
 40 oz palm oil
32 oz olive oil
28 oz coconut oil
3 oz almond oil
14.50 oz lye
39 oz water
1 3/4 cup wheat germ
2 tablespoons honey
8 teaspoons chamomile essential oil
3 teaspoons turmeric
2 teaspoons benzoin powder

Melt oils and mix lye with water. Mix lye and oils at about 110 degrees. Wait for good trace and add wheat germ, honey, chamomile, turmeric and benzoin. I blend these last four ingredients into about 2 or 3 tablespoons of almond oil and then stir in. Make sure honey is fully incorporated. Insulate for 1 day. Makes a wonderful hard soap that lathers well. Mildly abrasive but very gentle and soothing to the skin.

Creamy Cocoa Butter Soap
© Fredalina
 8 oz. cocoa butter
10 oz coconut oil
4.5 oz. grapeseed oil
13 oz. olive oil
4.5 oz. vegetable shortening
13 oz. water
5.5 oz. lye
3/4 oz. peppermint EO
2 T. green French clay

Make as usual. Add the peppermint EO and clay at trace. This recipe makes a nice minty green soap with a chocolate mint fragrance that drives chocoholics wild. And the cocoa butter makes the soap creamy. i just love the way my skin feels after a bath with this soap! (Note that French clay is better for normal to oily skin).

"Slice of Summer" (Cucumber Soap)
© Camille Pratt of Wild Iris Botanicals
 15 ounces Canola Oil
30 ounces Coconut Oil
27 ounces Olive Oil
21 ounces Palm Oil
5 ounces Shea Butter
13.75 ounces of lye
20 ounces of rain water
16 ounces of pureed cucumber (peels 'n all!)

Mix lye and water (this is a reduced amount, but the pureed cucumbers make of the rest of the liquid). Cool to 90. Pureed cukes (this will be approx. 2-3 large cukes). Heat oils to 90.

Mix lye solution and oils, blend well, add pureed cukes. Bring to light trace, add fragrance of your choice (I used Sweetcakes Econocuke - at a 1% usage rate). Bring to heavy trace. Pour in mold. Leave it alone. :)

Notes: Even in very hard water it has lots of lather, very creamy and is very soothing to skin. Uncolored, it is a very lovely pale ivory, slightly translucent. No GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) needed. If you chose to modify this recipe by subbing other oils or butters, it will not be remotely the same unbelievably wonderful soap.

Tropical Madness
© Janetta
 8 oz sweet almond oil
9.6 oz coconut oil
8 oz macadamia nut oil
6.4 oz palm oil
1 oz mango butter
12 oz coconut milk
4.6 oz lye
.7 oz pina colada FO or tropical fragrance of choice

use the coconut milk in place of the water.

Follow basic instructions for soap, and REMEMBER...SAFETY FIRST!

Thai Chai
© Kim - Natural Dreams Soaps
 40 oz Olive Oil
25 oz Coconut Oil
16 oz Palm Oil
1 oz Lanolin
2 oz Mango Butter
10 oz Coconut Milk
20 oz Water
12 oz Lye
1/4 Cup Pulverized Almonds
**Herbal Infusion**
2 T Lavender Flowers
2 T Calendula Petals
2 T Marsh Mallow

Infuse herbs into 2 cups of Olive Oil. (I submerge the herbs into the oil by placing whole herbs into a herbal tea ball. Heat the olive oil in a small pan on low-med. Heat for 1-hour and cool. Important - Do not heat this on high or it will burn the herbs - no more than 130 degrees.) Should oils evaporate during the herbal infusion, make sure the infused olive oil = to 2 cups or 16 ounces after infusion.

Temps: 90/100 Degrees.
Melt infused olive oil with base oils, add butters, lanolin and melt.

2T-4T Mustard Powder - For color
1/4 cup of pulverized almonds, coconut milk & juice of 1 sweet lemon
1 oz lemongrass essential oil
1 oz Coconut Fragrance Oil
.5 oz Lemon Mereign Pie
OR add - 2 oz Lemongrass/Coconut Fragrance Oil & .5 oz Lemon Mereign Pie

Fruta Latina
© Tata Alvarado
 25 oz Palm Oil
25 oz Coconut Oil
1 oz Bees Wax
2 oz Canola Oil
7.78 oz Lye
20.17 oz Water
1 T. Of Each Mango & Pineapple FO

Mix at 120-140 degrees.

Four Oil Soap
© Cyndy
 33 oz. olive oil
18 oz. palm oil
12 oz. coconut oil
18 oz. soybean oil
1 oz. beeswax
31 oz. water
11 oz. lye

Heat both to 120 Deg.

Stir together, I use a hand blender, at trace I added 2,000 IU's of Vit. E and some Sweetcakes Coconut Lemongrass fragrance.

Pour into molds. After two or more days unmold. This is a creamy soap, very soothing. No need to mill this one. You can add oatmeal,castor oil, glycerine or whatever you want at trace.

This was made at about 6-7% excess fat.

I always let my soaps age 3-4 months at least, the longer the creamier and mild.

Cappucino Bar
© Clayton
 31 oz. Coconut Oil
20 oz. Grapeseed Oil
21 oz. Olive Oil
8 oz. Palm Oil
40 oz. Safflower Oil
7 oz. Stearic Acid
32 oz. Water
18 oz. Lye
1/4 c. Cocoa Powder (non dutch process)
1/4 c Oat Flour/Ground Oatmeal
4 oz. Castor Oil
1-2 oz. Vitamin E
1/4 c Aloe Vera Juice
1 oz. Cappucino Fragrance

Mix Finishing Solution and let marinate overnight, so as to let the Castor Oil leach Cocoa Butter out of the Cocoa Powder, which also serves for coloration. Cappucino Brulee Fragrance works admirably, but other Coffee and Chocolate fragrance also work. Increase Cocoa Powder for darker color, decrease for lighter color.

When ready, pour lye into water & stir. Set aside.

Mix and Heat Oils to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. [Proportions were determined to get an optimal mix determined by Linear Programming Techniques. The mix results in the following:
Fluffy Lather Agents- 15.5%
Lauric Acid - 11.0%
Myristic Acid - 4.5%
Stable Lather Agents- 17.1%
Palmic Acid - 9.6%
Stearic Acid - 7.5%
Conditioning Agents- 59.4%
Oleic Acid - 23.4%
Linoleic Acid - 36.9%
Ricinic Acid (all properties)- 2.7%
Superfatting = 6-7%

Put Oil mixture into mixing container. Pour lye water in and stir vigorously to prevent siezing. Tracing will be immediate. When thick enough, add finishing solution. Pour into mold. This soap hardens faster than most. Cover. Cut after 2 Days. Cure for about a month.

This soap has a nice feel about it, and is hard to put down.

Reggae Carrot Soap
© Jackie
 8 oz. Avocado
4 oz. Castor Oil
18 oz. Coconut Oil
3 oz. Cocoa Butter
20 oz. (less 1 tsp) Olive Oil
12 oz. Palm Kernel Oil
3 oz. Beeswax
2 oz. Honey
9.5 oz. lye
22 oz. liquid (water)
FO's: Vanilla and Bayrum

Lye/ fats 100-120

Soak 1 tsp of cinnamon and nutmeg overnight in 2 tbsp of Olive oil.

Melt fats as normal. Be aware of all precautions when handling lye. Mix lye and liquid solution using 14 ounces of water. Set aside and cool.
At light trace add in spices and honey. At meduim trace add in 8 ounces of carrot juice and scent. Pour when reach a full trace (pudding like). Pour into mold. Unmold after 2 days. Cut and cure on a rack in well ventilated area for 2 months.
May use half and half or coconut milk for variation on the liquid.(when using milk and honey combination do not insulate. Make a nice bar and lathers creamy.

Rice Bran Oil Soap
© JP
 400 g rice bran oil
300 g coconut oil
300 g palm oil
143 g sodium hydroxide
350 g water
10 g rice bran (optional)
10 to 30 g EO or FO of choice (optional)

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